Hey Buzznet, It’s Time To Listen Up

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Hey Buzznet, listen up!

Recently Buzznet has been a site divided. New mods vs old users. Is it really necessary? It’s easy to see why, though. The site had a complete overhaul and it’s way different from when a lot of us old Buzzneters joined. There are new members and mods that have brought a new main focus to the sight and people aren’t happy about.

Buzznet used to be majorly based on music. There were times when stolen content was all you would see over the site, but everyone worked against it and promoted posting original content. The site and the community helped people that joined because of music turn into people interested in art and new friendships and ideas. Leaders and popular members had opinions on issues other than this season’s latest fashion. I’ve seen some incredible photos here over the last four years and I’ve made even better friends.

With the layout change and switch of moderators and members, a lot of those things went out the door. A fashion section’s been added and there is a lot of focus on that. There are also Tumblr-esque bloggers who post pictures/videos that aren’t their own…and they get featured. Now, the most prevalent and popular user content isn’t user content at all. It’s all from outside sources reposted here.

I am not saying that the change itself is bad. I like both sides of Buzznet. I love music and I’m interested in fashion. But there are two things that need to stop for Buzznet to survive, because the sense of community that we once had is deteriorating.

1)People need to stop tearing each other down.

Old Buzzneters, I hear your woes. No one likes change and I’m sure you see the same problems I’ve seen and more. But things change and we’ve made the site better before, we can make it better again. Encourage orginal content and critical thinking, like we’ve done in the past. Don’t fight with the mods over silly things, don’t go out of your way to insult people, and stop bitching.

Don’t like scene queens or so-called fashionistas? Don’t waste your time looking through their posts. Don’t follow them or click the fashion link up top. Don’t waste your time mocking them, no one likes an elitist bitch.

2)People need to stop posting content that they did not create.

Don’t do it. Just stop. If you post a fashion blog, link to wear you found the photos, who took the pictures, etc. More importantly, try posting your own photos, paintings, make up tutorials, stories, poetry, lyrics, articles, ideas, videos, music, and more! Chances that people have already seen that picture of teenagers in oversized sweaters wearing animal masks in the middle of the woods that youfound on Tumblr and reposted here. Get outside and create something. Don’t steal or recycle other peoples work, CREATE YOUR OWN. If everyone posts the same photo they found somewhere on the internet, things get boring. I want to see original photos and journals, I know you can do it, many people have made the change and made it big around these parts.

Second part of this is that unoriginal content needs to be ignored. Stop featuring the same videos we’ve all seen on Youtube. Stop featuring photos of clothes and actresses that aren’t taken by Buzzneters. We decide what’s popular; comment, suggest, and feature original content. You’d be amazed at all the great stuff you can find.

I know I probably seem preachy and one-sided here. Someone will say I favor old Buzznet and long time users (It’s not true, I’ve seen too many of them acting ridiculously). Someone will say they just want to share cool things they find online (Great, try the “Post A Link” button up top). Let’s bring community back to Buzznet. Kiss and make up. Hug a stranger. Talk to someone you usually wouldn’t. Any other cheesy sentiments you can think of.

This was probably rambley, repetitive and full of grammatical errors. Deal with it. OR use your deep hatred for grammatical errors along with your awesome love for me as a thing in common with each other and be friends. And now to end on a positive note. The thing Buzznet needs most is…….a super awesome BUZZNET HANDSHAKE.