V Magazine’s Yale Breslin On The Smiths, Creepers, and the Power of Comfort

The new online editor for V Magazine and V Man is clearly a man of good taste and great style. Former freelance writer Yale Breslin has filled the (formerly sparsely updated) cult fashion magazine’s website with great behind-the-scenes content, interesting fashion news and profiles, and my personal favorite, Cecilia Dean’s look-of-the-week, in which the perenially fashionable editrix chronicles her favorite outfit every week (inevitably featuring some measure of Balenciaga, Margiela, or Comme that makes me drool with jealousy). Read our interview with the native Canadian below:

Buzznet: Who are your style icons?

Yale Breslin: Marcelo Burlon has impeccable style – mixing lots of Givenchy into his wardrobe. The way he wears a suit fits his aesthetic perfectly. He looks great in daywear and can rock a vibrant suit like no other. But above all, Milan Vukmirovic takes the prize. His wardrobe is what I want mine to be. He wears clothes with an effortless cool that is simply dapper.

BN: What is your absolute favorite item of clothing?

YB: I have this navy shawl-collar Ralph Lauren sweater that I live in. From mid-September to early March, it’s one of my favorite items to wear. Also, my Marc Jacobs black leather hoodie is basically my second skin. I wear these two items non-stop. They are wearable, comfortable, and certainly durable.

BN: What fashion trend do you love?

YB: I’m loving Creepers. I think they’re fun, unique, and a throwback to punk-rock. If done right, I think they have the ability to modernize and spruce up a simple outfit. Plus, I love them with white socks. And khaki shorts.

BN: If your style had a theme song, what would it be?

YB: “This Charming Man” – The Smiths…..”I would go out tonight, but I haven’t got a stitch to wear……”

BN: Describe your look in three words or less?

YB: Comfort conquers all!

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