Trendspotting with…Hanna Beth Part II

it’s actually starting to get chilly in LA and time to break out sweaters, jackets and your new hot pair of boots you’ve been dying to wear.

i’m personally loving so many of the styles im seeing right now — black, rock and roll with a twist of the 80s is right up my alle’y.

there’s also so many ways to take things you already have in your closet and personalize them with a little diy love — from destroying a sweater, adding a fur collar to a coat you forgot about or making something boring stand out with studs, safety pins, feathers or anything else you can think of.

here’s my top 10 must-have trends for fall. what are yours?

1. oversized knit poncho

2. faux fur vests

3. DIY ripped shirts

4. winter coats w. faux fur trim

5. destroyed knit sweaters

6. sheer tops

7. thigh high boots

8. fingerless studded gloves

9. lots of layers

10. bold sweaters

trendspotting part I