Stuff I Own – A Blog About Stuff

This blog was inspired by @SeanBonner and his awesome blog on BoingBoing about “Technomadism.”

There are few things in that blog that I will talk about briefly because I know you are probably lazy and won’t click the links (even though you should because there are awesome photos of Sean’s baby and stuff).

Sean’s blog brings up things like minimalism, technology and how not owning a bunch of crap you really don’t need makes you more awesome and stuff. That’s what I got from this anyways even though I don’t think that was Sean’s point.

A lot of people started to get upset because they felt that this movement in “technomadism” was a trend or something and probably not a viable way of living for most people because of money. While I cannot traverse the globe like Sean, I am pretty minimalistic in my living because owning a bunch of stuff is just not my thing. That and I’m poor but that’s besides the point. I just don’t like owning many things.

I left the following comment on Sean’s blog –

“I’m having a little trouble understanding these complaints about “neo-minimalism” when it comes to economy.

I am not, by any means, rich. My “minimalism” stems from this basic fact. I do not own things largely because I cannot afford them. This has enabled me to look at many of my purchases as things that I truly “want” or “need.” Don’t get me wrong, I do splurge when it comes to various personal items, but it isn’t out of control.

I also choose not to own things because I’ve had the basic rule (ever since my father kicked me out of my house at the tender age of 18) of never owning more than I can carry. To this day, all of my clothes fit in my U.S. Army duffel bag and I own a large box in which my various memorabilia is stored.

To me, I don’t see how being a neo-minimalist goes hand in hand with being a trust fund baby. In fact, I would think just the opposite. The reason why I would think so is because to me, people that are generally very well to do are those that are caught in this never ending arms race of the trappings of their status.

The thing that I see with most people that are on the cusp of financial teeter totter is that they wind up acquiring many things in the attempt to elevate their illusion of status/privilege.

I see this as a general pitfall of America at large. We all try to amass great amounts of materials in an attempt to show others that we are well off or to give the impression of such.

I applaud Sean in his attempts to un-clutter and remove the things from his life which are unnecessary. Fad or not, this is probably something that we all can benefit from.”

One of the other things brought up in the blog was the 100 Things Challenge.

This idea was basically one man’s voyage into combating American over-consumerism and mostly I love this. Most American’s own way to much crap they don’t need (my opinion) because well, I DON’T EVEN KNOW.

One of the comments in the 100 Things Challenge is how it is a Buddhist tradition for monks to only own 8 things, which is totes extreme. One day I will hermit maiself and do this but not yet.

All of this made me think of what I own and if any of it was “necessary” or not. Most of it is but then again, its just stuff. I decided to inventory all of my things and I thought I did pretty good. You have to remember that I am EONS old and that this is all I have acquired in my vast ages of circumventing the globe.

Let’s start with what’s around me –

Frontroom/Sleep Cave Things

BedSheets (2)BlanketPillowTVTV Stand

Wireless RouterPower Source for RouterPlug thing to plug stuff in

WiWii Games (2)iWii Controlers (2)Charging Stand for controllersDVD PlayerBooks (15)DVD’s (10)Radio Player thingCameraDay of the Dead Alter (25 trinkets)iPhoneBikeBike Accessories (10 pieces, all fit in backpack, backpack is one item)

4 Tofu MenPig w/moustache

Bathroom Stuff

Shower CurtainShower CaddyRazorShampooBody SoapSponge thingFloor mattHair ClippersDecorations (6)Towels (2)2 Handtowels


Boxes of Memories (3)Messenger BackTouring BagCamel BackWater Bottle CarrierSupport for Touring BagDuffel BagRuck SackLamp in a boxSleeping BagShirts (45)Rainproof JacketWindbreakerHoodieJacket thing 15 Pants/ShortsUnderroos (20)Socks (20)Morrissey PosterLaundry Basket2 Pairs of shoesCycling shoes

Food Factory

Moo lives in the kitchen OF MAI HART. She bakes me smiles with each tail wag. DILL W/IT.

MooMoo’s corralMoo’s dishes (2)Rice cookerFrying Pans (2)3 Plates3 Bowls3 Mugs10 utensils 1 Tupperwere thingsBritta Water Filter

That puts me about in the area of owning 255 things. Not bad!

Are there things that you own that you don’t really need? I’m pretty sure that I need Moo. She is necessary to mai awesome.