QOTD – Do You Treat Your Online Friends Differently Than Your Real Life Friends?

This QOTD comes from the mind of Iska. For this QOTD, we will say that your online friends are people that you chat with ONLY ONLINE but have yet to meet. Your IRL friends can be friends that you chat with online but have actual relationships with off the webernets.

BFF’s by Annier

This actually made me think about how most of my friends are actually from the internet. I’ve met most of the people I know from various message boards and what not over the years. That to me is kind of strange because I grew up when knowing people from online was kind of “shunned.” Now, that seems pretty normal. Is there even a difference anymore?

F.U., Chikun by DeadxStop

Here’s a picture that Iska snapped. She got that little yarn dude from BizarreLand. Awesome, y/y?

Your turn! GO!