Photo Round Up – Nature!

If you take a look around our beloved Buzznet, you’ll notice that there is not shortage of amazing, talented photographers. Buzzneters come and share with us some pretty awesome shots from all the many places they call home (or visit).

I’ve also been noticing that many of you seem to have been bitten by the nature bug, such as I have. Recently, I’ve been getting all outdoors-y. There’s something about exploring the natural world that is all around us and even saying hello to its neat and fuzzy creatures.

Many of you combine your love of photography with your affinity for the natural world, and it’s high time we share some of what you all have posted so far 😀 Here’s what’s catching my ALL SEEING GAZE these days –

Landscapes – Seems like the sky really isn’t the limit.

AllisonGgg is embarking on a 365 Day Project. This is from Day 50. This makes me excite to see what else she’s got coming up!

Annier and Buzznet’s Top Pooch, Hovis, take time to smell THE AWESOME. Hovis is so cute!

HappyCloud (Jacob) posts photos of his life and times in Kentucky. He has lots of pics of farmland, trees, and his general shenanigans.

Iska is from Poland. She’s always around on Buzznet saying “Hello” to all of her friends. This photo is amazing.

Tane’s photos are breathtaking. I don’t know what magic she weaves into her camera but I’m happy she’s around to share 😀

Flowers! Take the time smell thems!

A true believer in flower power, GummiBearsss1 catches this little creature in action.

SpaceMonkey36 offers to you some blossoms! Accept them or else!

Sandra is known for her stunning self portraits but she is also pretty crafty when it comes to take portraits of GIANT SUNFLOWERS.

Creature Features!

Twisssssted catches this amazing moment with stunning clarity.

Caterpillar time, as caught by BizarreLand. She has a plethora of amazing pictures that feature fun critters and she is the wrangler of all things Squirrely Wednesday.

Even though this star is dead, it still counts as a creature. ClumsyLittleHeart snapped this photo at the beach with her family, at her mother’s insistence.

DesertPhreak caught this Dragon that is part fly on his mighty parcel of land in Central California.

KrazyWithAKay caught this Koala bear doing what a Koala bear does best – LOAFING.

MeerKat Manor comes to Buzznet! Mono55 catches this critter scouting at the zoo!

MOTHER F’IN MONTAGE Y’ALL! Thanks to SappySuperUnknown10 for making me want to ride on hippos and stuff.

There’s a great big world out there and thanks to all of these BuzzP33ps, you can take a gander at it. There is no substitution for getting off your computer and experiencing it for yourself. Don’t forget your camera, though, because we all want to see what’s in your neck of the woods (concrete jungle, etc).

Have a favorite shot I didn’t post? Feel free to share!