Pete Wentz Talks To Kerrang About The End of Fall Out Boy…and What Came After

When Fall Out Boy broke up took a hiatus stopped being a band made some tasty s’mores did whatever you want to call it, Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley moved on to their new supergroup project The Damned Things and Patrick Stump set out to record his own music.

But then there was Pete Wentz.

In a new interview with Kerrang!, Pete reveals what life was like for him immediately post-Fall Out Boy. “I became this guy in a plaid shirt and grew a depressed guy beard.”

While Pete now has another musical project of his own, the island sound-influenced Black Cards, apparently the time in between bands was difficult, to say the least. “I moved to New York with my wife for a little bit and went through a wide range of emotions.” But eventually, after an altercation at a night club, he told himself “Dude, you’re 30, you have a wife and a kid, get your act together. You’re a big boy now and you play by the big boy rules!”

With the Black Cards touring and making music, it sounds like Pete is in a much better place these days. But as for keeping in touch with his ex-bandmates? Well, he says they mostly text and mentions recent conversations with Andy and Joe, and we know that Patrick is lending his voice to the Fall Out Toy Works motion comic.

And Pete, don’t worry, we’ve all hit the point where we needed to be depressed and dress in plaid. Though, growing a beard is harder for some of us than it is for others.