Nylon Magazine’s Faran Krentcil Talks Fashion with Buzznet

(photo: Swagger NYC)

Faran Krentcil is a fashionista in the truest sense of the word, and we don’t say that sort of thing lightly: The Duke grad was formerly the editor of Fashionista.com (we love to be literal) as well as a contributing writer to publications such as New York Magazine, The Daily, and Teen Vogue. Currently she is the captain of Nylon’s online ship (or Digital Director, if you want to get technical) and under her tenure the magazine’s web counterpart has flourished with her skilled editing and deft coordination of social media. She weaves tales of Sky Ferreira, metallic nail polish, and Keith Haring into the modern style culture quilt that is Nylon.com.

You can also find her blogging for The Huffington Post and on Twitter.

Here’s an interview with the talented Ms. Krentcil:

1. Who are your style icons?

I will always and forever be obsessed with old photos of my mom. She woreblue jeans better than most women can wear an evening gown, and I stillcling to her old coats (my grandfather ran a leather factory in the garmentdistrict) in hopes I can capture that “I’m too glamorous to be a hippie,okay?” kind of attitude.

2. What is your absolute favorite item of clothing?

A vintage rabbit vest that’s painted with leopard spots. It goes witheverything and is amazing to throw over jeans and a t-shirt. It shouldhave its own facebook page.

3. What fashion trend do you wish would just go away already?

Team Edward t-shirts. Team Jasper t-shirts are still okay, though.

4. If your style had a theme song, what would it be?

White Light, White Heat, the electric version, by Lou Reed.

5. Describe your look in three words or less

“She’ll take you.”