Neon Trees Talk To Us About Their Personal Style Icons

Ever since they were tapped to open for The Killers in 2008, Neon Trees have seen their musical star steadily rise. The Utah bred band makes music heavy on synth with a distinct 80s feel, danceable indie pop that gives a nod to their former tourmates as well as to bands like The Strokes and The Bravery.

The band drew a large crowd of adoring fans at Lollapalooza this past year, and has been lauded by everyone from MTV to Spin Magazine (by Mark Hoppus of Blink-182, no less). Their catchy brand of pop-rock isn’t the only thing turning heads though. The band has a unique personal style, and we got the chance to chat with them about fashion.

You can buy the Neon Trees’ latest record “Habits” on Itunes.

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BUZZNET: You all dress quite differently. How do you guys define your style, as a band?

NEON TREES: We are all very individual! I think that’s what makes us truly unique as a group. I think something that ties us all in is we really have great ebb and flow. If i’m extremely flashy, Branden balances with a more classic, timeless look that’s masculine, and Chris brings a quirkyness as Elaine brings her feminine edge. Ultimately we look like we belong together, but we never look like we are wearing uniforms. The definition of our style is NEON TREES!

BN: Who are your style icons?

NT: I love late 80s early 90s Michael Jackson! How punk was he?! I love the whole military punk look he had. I also love Grace Jones! And Morrissey!

BN: What is your absolute favorite item of clothing?

NT: Ahhhhh that is so difficult. It changes so often. Currently it is thisbright red trench the Young Meteors created. I am really into chains and peacocks.Those embellishments adorn the shoulders. Look for more of those things on me.

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BN: What is one trend or look that you wish would just go away?

NT: I’m such a fan and supporter of breaking rules in fashion, that to me even sweatpants can be rocked in a cool way if done right!

BN: If your style had a theme song, what would it be?

NT: “Fashion” David Bowie