WOW! We ended up with a lot of great entries for our Scott Pilgrim contest! It was awesome to see such great creativity come out of the Buzznet community, and really cool to see so many new faces who showed up to enter! Hoping you guys had fun and that our new fans decide to stick around the site. If you do, we’ll give you cookies.

Okay, we can’t really give you cookies, but you can get some cookies and pretend they are from us.

ANYWAY: I have to thank my co-judge, the awesome Mr. Nick Reed, for helping me pick our winners. Nick is actually a huge Scott Pilgrim fan and is in several bands himself, including Robots and Racecars (check ’em out on Facebook and Twitter) and his own side project How I Became Invisible (on Facebook, and for more info you can follow his personal Twitter). Nick is in many ways the Scott Pilgrim to my Kim Pine…except we’ve never dated…or been in a band together…and I can’t play drums…and I’m pretty sure he hasn’t dated a girl with seven killer evil ex’s…okay, actually, on second thought that’s a terrible, terrible analogy so let’s just scratch it from the record and move on to what you really care about.


The following 4 Buzznet users have each won a Scott Pilgrim prize package:

Coffeeshopkid for “My Three Favorite Words (You. Love. Me.)”

KatieJRod for “Hot Date”

imaaronj for “Music Sounds Better When We’re Broken Up”

nathanwcalvank for “Right of Way”

If you are one of the winners, please DM me on Buzznet for further instructions!

Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest!