What Do You Like About Fall?

Earlier in the week, I posted some of our favorite quotes that we could muster FROM THE DEPTHS OF THE INTERNET in a handy blog for you to read (you have to click that linky thing there JSYK).

Also, I was talking to my Buzz Buddy, Iska, as to what we could do next and we somehow ended up talking about Fall. Yes, the season, not the action. Although, now that I think about it, that would HILARZ. Lest I digress, onwards to talking about things about the fall that I love!

Let us start with this –


Mostly, pumpkins are awesome because you can carve them into Jack O Lanterns and stuff and then you can eat them in pie form AND YOU CAN DRINK THEM IN BEER FLAVAR. Oh and then you can also have them in coffee as well but we’ll get to that in a second.

Firstly, let us to talk about one of my favorite things to do ever – DRINK BEWZ. Mind you, I don’t get plastered or anything, as I enjoy my alcholic beverages resonsibly. You should probz only be drinking if you are of the 21 old and stuff.

“but if you’re gonna drink, i’d rather you do it in the house.”

My favey pumpkin flavored beverage is this –

This treat comes from the folks at Buffalo Bill’s Brewing Co (yes, you can start playing Lazarrus Q’s “Goodbye Horses” from Silence of the Lambs GET IT?). Mostly this tastes like you drinking LIQUIFIED PUMPKIN PIE. You like pie, don’t you? You can basically cancel out all that chewing because it is for Neanderthals. YOU ARE FROM THE FUTURE, DRINK YOUR FOOD. It’s sweet, delishuz, and it makes your head feel funny like someone is giving infinite noogiez but its fun instead of hurting.

My second choice for awesome goes to this – Dogfish Head! I heard about this company in a documentary called The Beer Wars. I then came to find out that apparently Budweiser was trying to sue the pants off this tiny brewery because they used the name “Punkin.” I mean seriously now. Don’t sip on that haterade just because some tiny brewing co. came up with a cute azz name for their beer that puts anything you’ll ever put out TO SHAME.

Anyway, this beer has only a slight hint of pumpkin times in this ale, but that’s ok, it’s still pretty tasty. It’s like drinking a hug. I wasn’t overwhelmed by flavar nor a lack of it. It was very subtle. Kudos, folks at Dogfish Head, keep on keepin’ on! Oh and Budweiser, keep on bottling what basically comes out of a toilet and make massive amounts of cash and leave the little dudes alone k thx bai

Then we have this –

This was basically SADNESS IN A BOTTLE. I didn’t taste like anything. Usually, Harvest Moon puts out brews that I will buy if there is only a choice between Tecates or Corona’s so that isn’t saying much. However, this had no pumpkin flavar at all. It just tasted like someone bottled their failed attempt at life and slapped an orange sticker on it. FAIL

The next thing that is pumpkin flavored that I USED TO ENJOY is this –

Starbucks and the mighty PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE. OMG. I DIE. This photo comes from mai lovely sister, the Mayor of Starbucks accoring to FourSquare or something. Her name on Twitter is @DeadLindy. You should follow her because she gets into all kinds of shenanigans and she’s a hoot. She loves her PSL’s. And mostly if you should too. I had to stop drinking these because I found that the syrup wasn’t vegan. Apparently, there is milk in the syrup or some junk and it made me has a sads in mai hart.

This is the hot version IN A CUP OF DEATH, topped off with the whooped cream of a thousand tears.

Anyway, the Starbucks PSL syrup really makes their coffee tolerable in an awesome, it doesn’t taste like the bitter feelings of resentment that an old curmudgeon managed to turn into a shot of espresso and slammed into a cup just to get you on out the door kind of way.

You should have one and think of me. Yay!

What’s also cool about fall is that you get to wear LAYERS OF CLOTHING. Mostly it also means that you get to wear SCARVES –


Well, that’s all I got for my blog about junk I like about fall. What do you like about fall? Should you decide to play in this week’s shenanigans, feel free to send me your fave photos or write up’s so that I may feature them sometime later.

Have fun out there and go jump in a pile of leaves when you can.

<3, r