Katy Perry Evicted From Sesame Street

A few days ago, a video of pop singer Katy Perry appearing on Sesame Street reached the internet. The segment shows Katy with Elmo, where she sings a very cleaned-up version of “Hot and Cold” about playing dress up with the furry red monster.

However, apparently “media pressure” has caused Children’s Television Workshop to pull the segment from airing on TV, though it is stil available online. The reason? Well, in a large part, it’s Perry’s cleavage.

In the video, Katy is wearing a dress that is, honestly, very Katy Perry. It’s certainly not DIRTY or overly sexual, and compared to what she’s worn in the past it’s rather tame. She’s actually more covered than she appears, most of the “bare skin” is actually a skin-colored bodysuit. It’s a dress-up costume, fitting since in the skit she’s talking to Elmo about playing dress-up.

On one hand, I can kind of see parent’s complaints about this one. We do a lot to mess with young women’s heads, especially as it relates to overly sexualizing them. I can see being cautious about that.

But on the other hand: I don’t understand why, if the outfit was going to be such a big problem, someone from the show didn’t step in and say “Hey, Katy, would you mind wearing something that looks a little higher cut?” From what I know about the singer, I can’t imagine she’d have declined.

However, there are other complaints from parents, most of them dealing with the rest of the Katy’s career. And THAT I have a serious problem with. Do I like Katy Perry? No. Do I like her music? No. Do I think, as it pertains to her music and her lyrics, she’s a great role model for young girls? HELL no.

But I don’t think that should affect her appearing on Sesame Street.

Look, when a celebrity appears on Sesame Street, they are taking time to tell young children that they matter. Which is extremely important. You matter enough for this famous person to come into a world that is built FOR KIDS and talk to characters that you relate to as your friends. And for a celebrity to take the time and have such enthusiasm about something like this, well…a lot of them grew up watching Sesame Street. It’s kind of a big thing.

And if you’re going to complain about Perry’s past works when she takes her time to appear on a Public Television show? Consider who else has appeared on the show, and exactly how “kid friendly” their other works are.

  • Beyonce (has made highly sexualized videos)
  • The Goo Goo Dolls (sing about sex. Like, all the time)
  • Ice-T (um…”Cop Killer” anyone?)
  • Adam Sandler (is Adam Sandler)
  • Jason Biggs (humped a pie on screen)

And so on.

Look, honestly, I thought the segment was kind of cute, Perry looked like she was having fun, and I and I am surprised they didn’t change the song to be about things that were hot and cold. I think it’s okay to put it on Sesame Street…just, you know, don’t follow that up by going out, buying your child daisy dukes and a cupcake bra.

And Katy? Seriously, think about putting out a kid’s album. Not just edited versions of your other songs, but a genuine educational album for kids. I actually think it would work out pretty well.

What are you opinions on this, Buzznet?