Gerard Way Promises “Something Special” For the MCRmy

So, I’m assuming by now you’ve all seen My Chemical Romance’s “Teaser Trailer” for their new album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. And you’ve squealed with excitement the way the rest of us had and are trying to figure out exactly how quickly you can get your hands on that fantasticly ear-wormy “na na na na na” song.

Well, if you haven’t seen it, or if you just really want to see it again, now is the time. Because Gerard Way made an announcement on Twitter yesterday:

Special like what, Gerard? WE WANT DETAILS. Samples of another song? An early opportunity to get our hands on “na na na na?” Some US tour dates, since you’ve already given us a few in the UK? New merch? THROW US A BONE, HERE, MR. WAY.

But hey, you say, what if, somehow, that video DOESN’T get to #1? What if the MCRmy somehow fails? As one who has witnessed the passion of the MCRmy, I find it hard to believe they won’t make it happen. But…still…WHAT IF?

Don’t worry.

Looks like we’re getting a treat no matter what.

Any theories on what it could be? Well, while you are ponder, be sure to enter the BUZZNET KILLJOYS CONTEST where you can win some great prizes just for being your awesome and creative selves.