Fashion’s Night Out @ Sephora + Kat Von D

Last night I went to the 5th avenue Sephora, wristband at the ready, to meet Kat Von D. It was amazing. When I arrived, Youtube star Michelle Phan was there signing autographs and taking pictures. Then, High Voltage tattoo artist Dan Smith arrived and worked his magic in the window of the store. Finally, at around 8:15, Kat arrived! She looks even more gorgeous in person than on TV! When I went up to meet her, I gave her a mounted drawing I did of her, and asked her to sign the drawing I posted a few weeks ago. When I gave my drawing to her she said, “Oh my gosh you are so talented!”

Me: Thanks!!!!!

Kat: Never stop!

Me: I also have this drawing I did of you, and I was wondering if you’d sign it! I tweeted it to you, and you replied!

Kat: I remember! I favorited it! I don’t wanna mess it up, oh wait, I could just sign up here.

Me: Thank you!!!!

Kat: Why am I signing this, you should be signing it!

(Haha, I apologize for the dialogue.)

She was so sweet. A couple press people even took our photo together. Later on, Kat read an excerpt from her new book, The Tattoo Chronicles. I can’t wait for it to be released.

Not the best photo, I know.

Everyone should check out Adora, Kat’s new makeup and perfume line! Did anyone else go to Fashion’s Night Out? If so, where’d you guys go?