Escape the Fate’s Issues

Escape the Fate released their music video for their single, Issues, yesterday. I watched it five minutes ago. Besides the actual name of the song, there are lots of issues I have with this video and Escape the Fate on the whole.

1. “Issues?” You guys honestly couldn’t have thought of a marginally more eloquent name than “Issues?” I personally can’t think of a better title off the top of my head, but I’m sure Ronnie could have… (I’m partially kidding; hey Ronnie haters).

2. I don’t understand what pale skinned, middle aged zombies have to do with this song. Maybe the lyrics are personal to Craig, and the zombies are a metaphor for something much deeper than I will ever understand. I am not quite moved.

3. Monte Bryan Money, I like the fact that your leather vest says “Syc Fuc” on it. Real cool, man.

4. The part in the beginning where Craig is gagged with that black thing in his mouth makes me laugh.

4. I have noticed that Escape the Fate has gotten progressively more mainstream. Issues is a catchy song, no doubt, but the sound just isn’t the same. Who can blame them though, they just want to make some money.

5. Why does Max Green look like a shorter, dumpier version of Marilyn Manson?

If the video doesn’t play from this blog, click HERE to watch it on VEVOOO.

What do you guys think of this disappointing new addition to ETF’s resume?