I Have a Confession!/Drool-Worthy Balenciaga Heels

Let’s start with my confession. It’s not anything scandalous, just something I couldn’t blog about before the August issue of Vogue was released (which I know, was a while ago). I had the pleasure of going behind the scenes of the Gwyneth Paltrow cover shoot! Surprisingly, there were only two (albeit large) racks of clothes full of luscious knits, silks and organzas. Gwyneth ended up wearing a Burberry Prosum dress on the cover and a pair of Nina Ricci pumps. In one shoot that didn’t end up being featured, she wore a skin-tight, super short mini-dress (I forget the designer) and an AMAZING pair of spiky silver studded Louboutins. On the table full of shoes, I found a pair of heavy-duty Balenciaga heels that didn’t end up getting worn by Gwyneth, but have appeared in fashion editorials since then. The set filled with books Gwyneth was photographed in (wearing pajamas with a laptop) took forever to set up—there was an insane amount of boxes full of books to unpack! But it only took a matter of minutes to dissemble. I actually got to meet Gwyneth, which was quite exciting. She was very friendly and told me if I had any questions, I could just ask her.

So, in a convenient segue, I will talk more about the amazing Balenciaga heels I was introduced to a few months ago. They were the heaviest shoes I have ever picked up. I don’t know how models can walk in them. I imagine walking around in them is similar to maneuveringin ski shoes, attached to the skis. I would love to own a pair although that will probably never happen, considering they cost thousands of dollars. But I can just imagine walking down the street in them in an amazing dress and faux fur accessory…

These were the exact pair I saw at the Vogue shoot

Who else is drooling over these shoes?