It’s that time again! As you guys may or may not know, for the past few years, Buzznet has liveblogged the MTV Video Music Awards. And this year, I’m very happy to announce that WE ARE DOING IT AGAIN!

Come party with us as we watch the awards, the performances and the inevitable drama. Can Lady Gaga walk away undefeated? How many of us will decide to take a pee break during Justin Beiber’s performance? Will Kanye really let us finish? JOIN US AS WE ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS AND MORE!

Some guidelines, helpfully stolen borrowed from Mark Reads Harry Potter:

1) The MTV Video Music Awards liveblog will begin at precisely 9 PM EST on Sunday, September 12th. However, if you’d like to join us for the red carpet pre-show at 8, odds are we’ll be hanging around. Please consult a world clock if you live elsewhere and compare your time to Pittsburgh (or more likely, New York City) to figure out when this will be!

2) You can save this blog URL. Our liveblog insanity will happen in the comments below.

3) If the comments are temporarily delayed, don’t worry. They are still in the system and will appear, but these events normally break the site which is AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL. So just keep commenting away and do not be discouraged!

4) Once the show starts, go nuts. Leave photos, gifs, videos, whatever you want in the comments. Have fun, of course!

5) This kind of goes without saying but: I will not stand for homophobia, misogyny, racism or transphobia in my journal. If I see it, I will warn you. If you keep it up, you won’t be allowed to play in my sandbox anymore.