What’s in My Bag

a few of you have asked me what i keep in my bag & to do a blog about it..

well here you go dollies.. hope you’re enjoying the long weekend.. xo

1. The Purse: BetseyVille 2. Black Prada make-up bag 3. Glitter Star sunglasses from Iguana vintage 4. Yazmin Birth Control 5. Black Studded Wallet 6. House/Car keys w. leopard pepper spray 7. Skull Matches 8. DEATH & pink leopard lighters from trash & vaudeville in NYC 9. parliment lights 10. ACDC guitar lighter 11. ceramic heart my mom & i both have 12: trident gum 13. maybelline powder 14. Rilakkuma bedazzled mirror 15. minnie pocket knife 16. dry shampoo w. volumizer

and of course.. cinderella had to make an appearance.. plus.. she tries to crawl into my purse all the time, so it seemed fitting.