Ashley Tisdale and I Talk Fashion, School and Style Part 1

Here it is!…Part one of my two part interview with Ashley Tisdale which I did during her recent trip to JCPenney. I got to ask Ashley about everything from back to school fashion tips, high-school experiences and personal style. She’s so rad. Check out what she had to say below and stay tuned for part two of my interview!

Me: So, what do you think is the most essential back to school clothing item?

Ashley: Probably jeans, for sure. A good pair of jeans that fit really well because, for me, I always like to have a pair of really great jeans in my closet. Then you can just dress them up or dress them down, you know, be more casual…

Me: A lot of stuff I’ve seen lately, even at JCPenney, had a lot of bold color, like pink and yellow, and lots of embellishments. Are you the kind of girl that would wear bright colored jeans?

Ashley: I have like 1 or 2 pairs. I don’t really wear as many bright colored jeans. For me, I like to go with the regular kind of denim because that goes with so much more. Colored jeans can only be worn with so much, so I feel like if you want to use a pair of jeans and switch it up all the time, regular denim is always a good solid color.

Me: How important is the first day back at school?

Ashley: The first day back at school is very important. I remember my first day going into high school and I was so nervous. I had just moved from New Jersey to LA and I had been going to school out there since like seventh grade, but still, it just freaked me out. A lot of our classmates from eighth grade were either going to Valencia or Canyon, so we were being split up and you just didn’t know who was going where. I was so scared. And, I got detention on the first day for chewing gum.

Me: Just for chewing gum?

Ashley: Chewing gum, yeah. Then, I remember sophomore year they allowed us to chew gum. But yeah, it was kind of harsh. I didn’t end up going to detention though, which is even worse. But I was actually a really good student. I guess you’d say I’d kiss butt in high school with my counselors, teachers and everybody. I would always get them presents. You know, I think that it’s a really good secret to always leave them little gifts in their boxes for Christmas, then they become so cool with you.

Me: I can’t even imagine being in high school now. I’m sure I would have detention. I mean, it’s gone from like chewing gum to texting in class to now, people with their iPhones.

Ashley: Oh, I know. And iPads and stuff. I don’t know, seriously. I had just gotten a cell phone sophomore year and that was really big for me. You were not allowed to use cell phones in high school. So now, with all the technology, that’s kind of crazy.

Me: And for me it was the beeper. I think we all had beepers.

Ashley: Oh the pagers, yeah.

Me: Yeah, the pagers. You would have a car phone that was like mounted, but we all had pagers and codes, also.

Ashley: Yeah, the codes. I remember that too.

Me: What was your code?

Ashley: Uh, well I just remember a lot of the codes were how you could spell things out, like “hello” and stuff. Then, 1 4 3 meant “I love you.” Hahaha that’s so funny.

Ashley had so many funny back to school memories. What’s your most memorable back to school experience?