Ashley Tisdale and I Talk Fashion, School and Style Part 2

As promised, here’s the last part of the interview I did with Ashley Tisdale during her trip to JCPenney! I’m so happy I was able to get Ashley’s thoughts on all things fashion. She has some pretty funny memories about her high school style, and we seem to have a serious shared interest in trendsetting fashion.

Also, be sure to check out the video of Ashley styling one of her biggest fans for back to school HERE! She must have been so excited to meet her!

Me: So, you’re character is in college on your new show Hellcats. What’s her style?

Ashley: Hmm. My school style in college. My character’s very southern, as they’re from Memphis, Tennessee, and she is a little bit on the wealthier side, but very southern belle. You know, she’s very Free People, actually I wear everything from Free People. So, it’s like florals and dresses. I’m always in a dress and I’m always head to toe ready before anybody else, just because it’s like that in the south. They are just the type of people that love to be put together. They wake up early, get ready and do their hair and makeup. I just remember going to a Texas airport once and I saw all these girls in dresses and necklaces and purses walking around. Meanwhile, I’m in sweats and I was just like, ‘are they traveling? Like, what the heck?’ But that’s how they travel. It’s so crazy. I give them props because it’s really hard to look cute all the time.

Me: So you talk about floral. That’s one of JCPenney’s push patterns. There’s plaid, floral, military layering and accessories, which seems to fit in with some of your character’s style on the show. What was your school style like in high school?

Ashley: In high school? Well now it’s been forever, like seven years. Haha. I guess what was in at the time, which was cut off jeans. I just remember jeans with the fringe on top. Mariah Carey made them really famous for Butterfly or one of her songs that she came out with around then.

My sister was really funny, I got Levi’s and she cut off the tops for me. That’s another embarrassing moment. I walked into the library at high school, and it wasn’t like I was showing a lot of skin, I was just showing a very small amount, you know. But, I was wearing fringed cut offs and the librarian was like, ‘those pants are illegal here.’ I was like, ‘illegal? That’s a little harsh.’ Haha. She made me go to the principal’s office. I went and the counselor was like, ‘wait, isn’t Mariah Carey doing that nowaday?’ I said, ‘Yeah! My sister made them for me.’ And she was like, ‘You’re fine.’ The only time I really got in trouble was for wearing a mid-drift top. I did wear a mid-drift top one time.

Me: You got in a lot of trouble in high school?

Ashley: I did. Well, for fashion. Haha.

Me: It’s good. You’re pushing the envelope.

Ashley: Yeah, I think you’ve always got to push the envelope. For me, fashion is just an expression of how I feel, you know? My mom went to fashion college, so it’s always been in our family. And, she had a clothing store, so I’ve always loved clothes. I love all different types of styles. I can’t say I have one particular style. I was an actress in school so I always liked to express myself through fashion. Especially when I had to wear uniforms. I think it was in 7th or 8th grade, even though it was a public school, we had to wear uniforms. When I got into high school I went all out. I was so excited to be wearing my clothes. But even in my uniform I would find ways to express myself, like wearing weird socks; knee socks that were striped or something unique.

I think Ashley likes to push the fashion envelope just about as much as I do. What part of your wardrobe is the most helps you keep a sense of individuality?

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