Yellowcard Return, Sign To Hopeless Records

Word on the street was that Yellowcard were making a SUPERFANTASTIC Monday morning announcement in conjunction with their brand new label Hopeless Records, signaling the end of the band’s two year hiatus.

Except someone found a 6-day old interview with drummer LP (who’d been touring with Adam Lambert) and submitted it to Absolutepunk, thus triggering a premature update. Freakin’ drummers. They can’t be trusted with any information. JAY KAY.

Ryan Key, Sean Mackin, Ryan Mendez and Longineu Parsons have reformed and are ready to record–and tour, although the time is still TBD. Pete Mosely will not be returning as the bassist–instead, Sean O’Donnell–who worked on side project Big If with Key in the interim–will be filling that role. Two Ryans and two Seans. Well, at least it isn’t a band made up of all Alexs.

It’s been two years since the quiet slinking off of the members of YC. Their “indefinite hiatus” was a mere line in an interview with The Minaret–and no one heard a peep about a reunion until a couple weeks ago.

Actually, it was just a super vague tweet that people read into.

And then there was the tweet calling for a new drummer for Adam Lambert.

The OFFICIAL announcement will be made tomorrow, but I think we can start celebrating RIGHT NOW. And begin wishing as hard as we can for a YC/SoCo tour like they did back in ’04… Y/Y?

AltPress will have the first interview up soon.

Who’s excited? More news tomorrow, mon petit rockers.