Watchdog Blog is Formed To Monitor How Sexy Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a sexy man. The Inception star, who is also rumored to be playing The Riddler in the next live action Batman movie, may actually be TOO sexy for this world to handle.

But don’t worry, a new blog, JGWTF, has been formed with the intent of NOT LETTING HIM GET AWAY WITH IT.

“Seriously, Joseph Gordon-Levitt? What’s your problem? You may have thought you were going to get away with being so sexy and smart without getting any flak about it, but you’d better think again. We’re not going to shy away from taking you to task.” That’s how the blog describes itself. And so far they’re doing a fine job of “taking him to task” if you know what I mean.

And I think you do.

Anyway, I support this cause because, really, JGL has gone on too long without being told things like ” Stop the smirking, the hand-folding, the simple scorching hotness of you just standing there. It’s not fair. Maybe you think it’s fine, but we think that every time you smirk it RIPS A HOLE IN THE SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM.”

It’s about time someone stepped up and took command of the situation.