Unicorns are Assholes

I feel so betrayed. Here I had thought unicorns were beautiful creatures of magic and light! I thought they spent their days leaping about meadows and chasing butterflies and trying to avoid being eaten by Lady Gaga.

But alas, I was wrong. Because as it turns out, Unicorns are Jerks.

Luckily, C.W. Moss has provided us with illustrations to show the sort of jerk-like behavior unicorns are prone to.

Like creating and editing his own Wikipedia page

Walking his child on a leash

Hoping his son isn’t gay

And then sacrificing his son to a higher power

And possibly most heinous, bringing a guitar to a party and being THAT GUY

You can see even more examples of unicorn jerk-dom (though I’ll be honest, the “abusing his wife” and “being a pedophile” thing played for laughs? Made me more than a little uncomfortable) at C.W. Moss’s homepage.

Has a unicorn ever been a jerk to you?