(((Soundwear))) Katy Perry’s Kooky Pin-Up Style

It’s doubtful that when Brian Wilson was writing of liking a french bikini on Hawaii island and dolls by a palm tree in the sand he ever imagined that one day a google search for “California Girls” would return six results for Katy Perry’s song of the same (albeit differently spelled) name. (Or a sponsored result for someone called “Sexy San Diego Girl”).

But Ms. Perry, with her big blue eyes and catchy bubbly music, has become a bonafied global sensation, misspelling of common words notwithstanding. There is one thing about her that is very California Girl (in the Beach Boys sense of the word), and that is her updated pin-up aesthetic. Taking inspiration from everything from fruit to confections to Hello Kitty, Katy Perry has created a style all her own.

Get the look:

Mod Cloth

Mod Cloth

Fred Flare

Wildfox Couture
Betsey Johnson Archive

Chinese Laundry

At The Teen Choice Awards
Mod Cloth
Girl Props

Betsey Johnson

Samantha Pleet

Vivenne Westwood X Melissa Shoes
At the Nickolodeon Awards
House of Gasoline Glamour
Pixie Market

Fred Flare

Would you ever go full pin-up? Discuss.

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