Seeking Dreams……..Chapter Sixty-Two

“Why didn’t you tell me about this?” Jared demands of Gabrielle the second he sees her.

“You mean us” Shannon puts in now folding his arms.

But Jared ignores him and says, “Do you have any idea that this might mean that he could be behind this?”

“That’s what I thought” Emily says nodding.

Gabrielle gives her an evil look and then says to Jared, “I’ve got it under control” ”And how is that?” Jared then demands.

“Don’t yell. I just do ok, chill” Gabrielle says now getting mad.

“Why couldn’t she just leave it?” Gabrielle thinks as she now storms past everyone and then starts to climb the stairs.

“Gabrielle” a voice then says behind her.

“I told you I got it. And next time you say anything to me in a tone like that again; I’ll kick your ass. Period” Gabrielle then says in an angry tone to Jared as she reaches the top step without looking back.

“Yeah well, to bad” Jared says now fallowing her into their room.

“Jared” Gabrielle says now turning to face him.

“We’re talking, now” he then says now pulling her into the room.