Screw You, Carrie Prejean, Miss New York Is Pro Gay Rights

In 2009, Carrie Prejean, Miss California USA, took the stage at the Miss USA pageant and announced that she thought being gay was wrong and that gay couples did not deserve equal rights when it comes to marriage. Since then, she’s become the darling of conservative voices like Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh (And, yeah, took some pretty nasty hits from Perez Hilton, who’s actions against her I will not defend in the slightest).

And yet, here in 2010, Claire Buffie is the new Miss New York and she is making history: she’s headed to the Miss America pageant on a platform of gay rights.

Claire isn’t the first beauty pageant contestant to come out in favor of gay rights, in fact, right after Prejean’s Miss USA appearance, several former contestants, including two winners, one of whom was named Miss World, posed for Adam Bouska’s NOH8 campaign wearing their crowns and posing in front of an American flag. But Buffie is the first woman in pageant history to make gay rights her social platform.

You Go, Claire Coco!