Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Animation

So, there’s a lot in the Scott Pilgrim comics that didn’t make it into Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Six volumes worth of graphic novel had to be condensed into a movie that comes in a little under two hours, so some sacrifices had to be made.

But luckily, [adult swim] decided to fix some of that. Kind of. They created an animated short based on one of the best scenes from the comics (a scene Scott references in the movie, actually) which premiered last night! The short features actors from the film, including Michael Cera and Allison Pill reprising their roles of Scott Pilgrim and Kim Pine. However, Mae Whitman, who plays Roxie Richter in the movie, as well as Jason Schwartzman who plays Gideon Graves, appear in the short voicing different characters (Mae is Lisa and Schwartzman voices Simon Lee). The animation style is extremely close to Bryan Lee O’Malley’s original Scott Pilgrim art, which makes it EVEN BETTER.

Missed it last night? Don’t worry, it’s not streaming online. You ready for this, Buzznet? Check it out!

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is in theatres NOW! And don’t forget, Buzznet is giving away 4 Scott Pilgrim SKATEBOARDS and some other epic goodies.