QOTD – What Kind Of Snacks Get You Through The Day?

I like snacks. You probably do, too, unless you are weird. What kind of snacks do you like? I’m a hippy and usually my snacks are things like mixed nuts (unsalted nor unroased JSYK), fr00tz, and things of that nature. One time I remember I had a bottle of naked juice on the floor next to some wrappers of Luna Bars or something and it looked like a health food store exploded in my flat. That’s the kind of lame snacks that I nom on. How about you?

Here are some pictures of other things that aren’t exactly healthy but bahlicious none the less –

Ice Cream from Scoops. I think this was Peanut Butter Chocolate NOM NOM NOM

This cookie was as big as mai face, but that didn’t stop me from doing a nom on it.