Lindsay’s Out of Jail Which Means We’re Throwing a MEAN GIRLS Viewing Party Tonight!

Sorry for the short notice Buzznet, but I DID threaten this on Twitter a few days ago:

AS YOU MIGHT WELL KNOW, Lindsay Lohan recently spent some time in jail. AS YOU MAY OR MAY NOT KNOW, she was released at 1:35 AM today, after serving only 13 days of her original 90-day sentence (raise your hand if you didn’t see THAT ONE coming) and was moved into a rehab facility.

But I’d rather not remember this Lindsay. Wouldn’t you rather remember Lindsay from the innocent times when she always had to wear pink on Wednesdays?

So this calls for a party. More specifically a VIEWING PARTY of Lindsay’s epically quoteable 2004 hit movie Mean Girls. So, right here, I will be hosting said party, starting at 8 PM EST (5 PM PST). Get out your DVD’s and find someone to butter your muffin (if you can’t find someone to butter your muffin we can assign someone to butter your muffin for you) and remember: if you’re going to drink, I’d rather you do it in this thread. And NOBODY TELL JANIS IAN ABOUT THIS OKAY? I can’t have A LESBIAN at my viewing party!

Come on Buzznet, this is going to be the best effing viewing party thread I’ve ever seen.