Hey, Baby, Wanna Race My Hamster?

…dude, that’s not a pick-up line, that’s a sincere offer.

Yes, there is such a thing as hamster racing. And it’s apparently become a staple at a British adventure park called “Adventure Valley.” Four hamsters (Lewis Hammy, Michael Chewmacher, Rodent Barrichello and Jenson Button Nose)race throughout the day, complete with live (human) commentary on the event.

But…how does one RACE a hamster? Well, apparently it involves putting the hamster in a wheel which sits down inside of a plastic car. The hamster runs on the wheel, like hamsters do, and the race is on!

Now, before anyone starts talking about this being barbaric or how it’s wrong to be using hamsters like this, remember: it’s still better than all those underground hamster fighting rings.