It’s Getting Steamy In Here

Let us start this afternoon off with some Star Wars. Not your regular classic or prequel Star Wars, mind you, but something a tad more fantastic:

Check out Jabba looking all barron like and ready to tell someone that he is going to drink their milkshake:

Next we have a rather fancy Darth Vader, ready to pwn some Yanks:

These steampunk Star Wars characters were done up by one Greg Peltz. You can check out more Steamy Star Wars characters by going here.

Pretty rad, right?

Since we are on the topic of Steampunk, my friend @randyridesbikes on Twitter pointed me in the direction of these little creations, courtesy of Disney:

These little dudes are going to be a part of a collection released by Disney in 2010. There will also be a pocket watch, carved out of badassery and awesome –

These pocket watches will be very limited in release so yes, I am planning to camp out this holiday season for one, TYVM. You can see what other types of steampunk shenanigans Disney is up to by going here.

I like how basically adding gears to anything and then using a cepia filter automatically makes everything and anything steampunk.

Speaking of Disney, remember these?

These were mock ups that were in the works for the Disney steampunk inspired game. I’m pretty sure I posted about them but I am too lazy to look. Anyway, the original post can be found here.

I’m pretty sure plans to have a very steampunk based game have been scrapped but fear not, for EPIC MICKEY is on the way. There will be steampunk elements to it and the game itself seems amazing.

This game basically uses “paint” to create things and make your landscapes come alive or “paint thinner” to destroy things and run amuck. There’s obviously more to it than that, as you help people and solve little missions and create a world that is uniquely yours. I can’t wait!

Check out the trailer for the game here:

I’m actually pretty stoked for this game. It comes out on the Wii this holiday season. Do you want this game in your stocking stuffer?