Gerard Way Urges Fans to ‘Look Alive, Sunshine’

Earlier this week, we got word of a supposed casting call for materials related to the upcoming My Chemical Romance album. And while it was certainly interesting information, it didn’t manage to answer any questions.

And now, it looks like lead singer Gerard Way is using Twitter to possibly drop more hints. But once again, rather than getting any answers, it just raises more questions.

On Thursday night, Gerard posted the following image to Twitpic.

He offered no real context for the image, his only caption for it is simply “Look alive, sunshine.” Also interesting to note are the words “The Aftermath” at the top.

Could “The Aftermath” be the title of the new MCR album? Is “Look Alive, Sunshine” a song title? Are the “na nas” lyrics? Or is this something totally unrelated? Are we just eager for a new MCR album and reading too much into things posted to Twitter? Has Gerard gotten rid of the bleached hair yet?