How To: Flawless DIY Manicures

Here’s how to get a perfect manicure—without paying a salon!

1. Don’t skip the base coat. Though you may be tempted to cut corners and forget the base coat, think twice. Base coat helps polish stay on longer and prevents it from staining your nails an icky yellow.

2. Layer gradually. Don’t just paint a huge glob of polish on your nails and call it a day—layer thin coats of nail polish on gradually and remember to wait until each coat dries before adding any more!

3. Take your time. Go slow while applying nail polish with your left (or right, for all you lefties!) hand. And before putting on top coat (don’t skip this either), wait until your polish dries or you will be left with a sticky, uneven mess.

4. Don’t touch! If you must, test to see if the polish is dry by lightly tapping the tip of your nail.