Dita Von Teese, Kat Von D, It’s All The Same.

Except not really. It’s not all the same, but whenever I think of Dita Von Teese, I think of Kat Von D and vice versa. Probably because both can pull off the blood-red lipstick thing. And because I’m absolutely infatuated with both of them! Dita is a burlesque dancer and sex icon, but always comes off as very lady like and dignified. Even though the things she does may be considered “slutty” she doesn’t actually exude “sluttiness,” if you know what I mean. Plus the fact that she (at one point) was married to Marilyn Manson just adds brownie points.

And Kat Von D is simply an amazing tattoo artist. She can etch ANYTHING into anyone’s skin and make it look rad. I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo done by her. (I can dream, right?) And Kat+Nikki Sixx=the cutest couple around. Is anyone else watching the new season of LA Ink?

I always loved her hair red. I wish she didn’t dye it back to black.

What do you think of Dita and Kat?