So, I really thought that after the mess last December that involved All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth that we wouldn’t have to address, once again, that stalking is wrong.

But apparently, it still didn’t take, because now a video (which I will NOT be reposting in order to not give this “fan” any more attention than I have to) has popped up online of a Paramore fan who decided to take a little visit to Hayley William’s house. In her favor, at least these two planned their little trip when they knew Hayley would be out on the Honda Civic Tour and wouldn’t be at her home.

Huge strike against her: they take a little tour of Hayley’s house, capture it on video and upload it to YouTube.

Look, I really, really, really can’t believe I actually have to say this, but:

Stalking is wrong.

It is illegal. It is an invasion of privacy. It is not a way of showing your admiration, it is not “the altimate fan experience,” as the maker of the video described it.

As Breesays put it in December when two fans decided to show up at Alex Gaskarth’s house on the day he was due back from tour: “Young female stalkers are not ‘cuter’ than leery old dudes who watch a high school cheerleading practice with binoculars. You are both creepy.”

I don’t see why this has to be addressed. I honestly do not understand it. Is it because of the constant oversharing we see on reality TV as well as on Twitter and Facebook? Are we really becoming that desensitized to the idea of personal privacy and space?

(comic is from “Girls With Slingshots” by Danielle Corsetto)

Or is it not so much depersonalization as it is thinking that stuff like this is a way of showing your love and dedication to someone? I love you so much I followed you around, know everything about you despite having never talked to you, broke into your house, and it’s all because I REALLY LOVE YOU?

Sounds a bit FAMILIAR, doesn’t it?

But the thing is, I KNOW most people realize how wrong this is. I am willing to bet that, in reply to this post, I am going to get a ton of comments about how wrong it is and how people can’t believe people did this and “what is wrong with the world?” So why is it that some people just don’t get it?

Or is it that they do get it and just don’t care because the prospect of meeting their idol and/or becoming internet famous is more appealing to them than, you know, not looking like a crazy person who should probably be in a lot of legal trouble and may or may not be looking at a restraining order in the near future?

I just don’t get it.