Buzznet Original – LauraMayex3

Today’s Buzznet Original is LauraMayex3. She is relatively knew to Buzznet, but she has some amazing photos. Her shots seem to capture a deliberate playfulness that is inspiring and carefree. Often, she includes some of her favorite lines with her photos:

Fuel The Fire

What a lovely edit!

Here she is having a Mad Tea Party

Peek A Boo!

Here she is wishing you a G’Day, Mate!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE this photo. Not only is the angle amazing, take a gander at the people up top. Also, I love anything that is SPARKLEY and not a vampire.

Here she is making a Believer out of all of us –

The caption from the photo –

“i was walking around Cologne,Germany with friends and stumbled upon the end of a wedding ceremony.they have a cute tradition where they put little messages for the bride and groom inside a balloon and let the bunch of them into the sky together.”

FLAWLESS and inspiring. I love all of her edits. Here’s to you getting your camera fixed, Laura, and many more amazing shots! Thanks for sharing with us here on Buzznet!