Amanda Palmer Previews Panels from Her Upcoming Graphic Novel

Amanda Palmer can pretty much do anything. She’s already a singer, songwriter, writer, pianist, artist, street performer, actress and llama farmer. Okay, we don’t have confirmation on that last one, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

And now, Palmer can add “comic book writer” to her list of accomplishments. Because the graphic novel written by her and Jason Webley should be released this December by Dark Horse Comics. And we finally got the chance to see some art from it.

The comic will be based on Palmer and Webley’s “Evelyn, Evelyn” project, which was launched as the story of two conjoined twin girls who search for acceptance and friendship in a world that does it’s best to make them feel unwanted. The project also included an album and a tour, where Palmer and Webley played the Evelyn sisters while dressed in a special-tailored dress. The comic’s story will follow the “Tragic Events” tracks from the EE album, which are all spoken word accounts of the sister’s tragic adventures.

The artwork for the comic is by Cynthia von Buhler, who also did the cover artwork for the EE album.

Oh, and if you happen to be headed to New York Comic Con, you might catch a glimpse of Amanda and Jason promoting the comic during the course of the weekend.

What do you think, Buzznet? Are you familiar with the Evelyn, Evelyn album/story? Do you like the artwork?