Three New Songs You Need RIGHT NOW

You know how certain songs go straight from your ears to your chest and they make you swell up with like an impenetrable mylar balloon of happiness? THAT’S HAPPENED TO ME SO MANY TIMES IN THE LAST FEW DAYS. So I had to share. MAY THEY BRING YOU A ROCKING SORT OF JOY!

I Don’t Wanna Dance by Hey Monday

There are other Hey Monday songs I like, but this is a song that makes me want to dance on rooftops. Ironic, considering the title, right? I’m most in love with the EXPLOSIVELY CATCHY chorus. God, it’s good.

Plz you can download from iTunes here.

Impossible by Anberlin

I was driving home from my 4 block trip to Trader Joes and decided to flip on the radio right quick. And like hair to shiny lip gloss on a windy day, I was absolutely stuck on this song. Why does it speak to me? I don’t know, maybe my subconcious is trying to get me to give up a crush but regardless, it’s an infectious 4-minute tune and you NEED IT.

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Hopeful Romantic by This Century

This sucker snuck into my head in a very stealth way. I found myself nananana-ing and mumbling some mysterious song while I was getting ready every morning. For days, I had no idea what I was humming. Obvs it’s part of my gig to go through all the band content on this site–so when This Centuryuploaded their SECOND tour video ’twas an A-HA momentthat led me straight to the itunes store. You sly foxes, you.

Buy it here.