Review: The Maine’s ‘Black and White’

So you know how at the end of every year one is compelled to make a slideshow montage and picking the song to go with it is just ALWAYS SO HARD? It will never be hard again. Well, at least not for the next 10 years, because The Maine have made and entire ALBUM of montage-worthy songs.

It would be mad cliche to say how much The Maine have matured (I mean, gawd, they have a song CALLED ‘Growing Up’, isn’t that enough?) but they have. Not in a “The Black Parade is dead to me”-Gerard-Way way, but at least the right distance from Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, which came out in 2008. The only issue? A chunk of their fans are just blossoming out of the tweenage bracket and it makes us feel mildly uncomfortable for them to be bellowing “You’re getting off, I’m coming over” and uh, the rest of the lyrics to ‘Inside of You’.


Overall, we think Black and White is a requisite soundtrack for all the best relationship mistakes you’ll make. So girrrrrl, play on while you scratch “2gether 4EVAR” into your college-ruled notebook.

Song to listen to when your 19th birthday is approaching and MY GOD WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?!: “Growing Up”

Song to Bro down to at a party where you’ll inevitably end up playing Andrew W.K.: “Give It To Me”

Song we should just immediately surrender to CW Producers for a dramadey they’ve yet to create: “Listen To Your Heart”

The Maine’s newest treasure chest of tracks is available TOMORROW, July 13th.

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