QOTD – What Will You Do For Your Parentals On Parents Day?

On my magical calendar of unofficial holidays, this Saturday, 31 July, is Parents Day. What does this mean exactly? It mostly means that you should do something nice and surprise your parents! You know, like do the dishes without being told or OMG MAKE BREAKFAST.

Here’s a pic of me and me mum being fancy:

My Dad always used to tell me that the reason that he had me was so that I could basically cook him food and chores around the house, but that’s ok because I abandoned him in a nursing home as retribution.

My Mom is pretty awesome so I’ll probably be nice to her and send her a text message or something snazzy.

Anyways, here’s a photo of probs some awesome parent getting their little chav ready for the inevitable:

He’s probz getting his parents a box of Franzia.