QOTD – If you could turn into any animated character, which would it be?

Today’s QOTD comes from Reverie3. She asked this question in the Suggestions Thread but I tweaked it a tad. If you could turn into any animated character ever created, which would it be and why? This can be anime, cartoon, comic strip, etc (you get the idea, y/y?).

I just finished watching all of Avatar: The Last Airbender (the Nicktoon) and mostly that rocked my socks so I think I would want to be Appa because mostly Appa is like, all magical and you can pet me yay! One time he had a purple tongue because Katara kept feeding him berries LOLOLOL.

Not to get all Old Skool and stuff, but probz I would want to be a character from Ninja Scroll. Now it’s your turn! GO! POST PICTURES YAY!

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