Morticia Addams Inspired Nail Polishes: Creepy, Kooky and Utterly Divine

Let’s be honest, ladies, Morticia Addams has one hell of a look. The macabre matriarch of the Addams clan has a killer fashion sense and a body to die for. And for years, her fans haven’t quite been able to nail her look. It’s been a grave situation.

But never fear! Now you can get a step closer to being Mrs. Addams. Because actress Bebe Neuwirth, who has been portraying Morticia Addams in the Broadway production of The Addams Family musical, has teamed up with Essie to release a set of “Morticia Inspired” nail polishes.

The Morticia’s Nails collection contains three colors: Blood Curdling Red, Bone Chilling White and Midnight Tango, a dark blue. All three are purchased together in a boxed set and are limited edition colors, only 5,000 of the sets will be made.

The proceeds for the polish will go towards a charity known as The Actor’s Fund. Founded in 1882, the fund helps actors to find jobs, housing, health care, social services, care for the elderly and more. Neuwirth has stated she plans to raise $100,000 for the charity, which will help towards their annual budget of, currently, $21,000,000.

So go grab a set while they’re still available. Trust me, cara mia, they’ll be absolutely ravishing on you.