Katy Perry’s New Album Cover Really Stinks

Back in the day, fake bisexual Katy Perry insisted that women smell better than guys. “We smell like vanilla. We smell like watermelon. We smell like strawberries,” she said, apparently completely unaware that a) most of the time when girls smell like that it involves perfume b) men can wear perfume too and c)seriously, what?

But apparently now Katy smells like cotton candy. Or at least, her album will. Because the album booklet for her sophomore album Teenage Dream will be cotton candy scented.

Clever marketing tactic? Maybe. Kind of gross? Probably. Perry even said “It actually stinks.”

The cover itself features a painting of a nude Perry reclining in a cloud of cotton candy. I do not kid:

And that’s the album cover. Right there. According to Perry she has no plans to put either her name or the album title on it. “Hopefully they know it’s me by the actual picture.”

They’ll totally know it’s you, Katy! Or they’ll think it’s Zoe Deschanel, the actress and lead singer of She and Him. You guys kinda look alike, in case no one’s told you before.

So, anyway, be on the look out for Katy Perry’s new album A Very Quiet Orgasm in a Cloud of Cotton Candy this August!