Katy Perry Smells Like Cats

Yesterday, I brought you news that Katy Perry’s new album will come with a cotton candy scented booklet. And today we have even more news on Katy Perry’s scent.

Okay, in this case it relates not to her album, but to Perry’s new perfume. Called Purr, supposedly because of her love of cats, the scent will be available in Nordstrom stores this November. The bottle will probably even be cat-shaped, with jeweled eyes.

Just don’t expect a gift-with-purchase. “There’s no way I’m going to give a janky-ass bag away to the consumer I think is buying this awesome product.” Um, that’s nice, Katy, but you know, the bag I got with my Harajuku Lovers fragrance this summer is pretty far from “janky-ass.”

But how will Purr SMELL? Apparently like peach, apple, jasmine, freesia, and musk. But gee, how will it ever compliment all of us girls who smell like vanilla? And watermelon? And strawberries? And what is Perry’s DEAL with stuff that smells like food?

“All things edible for me are also intriguing. So if there are little dancing strawberries, I will be happy. Peppermint is cute; cotton candy is adorable. We like to keep it cute and classy.”

That’s right, Katy. Keep it nice and CLASSY.