Honestly?!: The Twilight Saga ‘Eclipse’ Review

I am sorry to say that I cannot sugar coat this film’s review at all. I saw the film opening night and I simply don’t see that this film holds a candle to the likes of ‘New Moon’.

I have read a lot of other reviews on this film and have realized that a lot of the reviews out there are not being approached subjectively.

This is my unbiased, but heartfelt review of the film ‘Eclipse’:

Let me begin this rant review by asking this:did anyone else notice that the camera seemed to be set on extreme close-up in this film? It seemed as though everytime a character spoke in the film I was forced into their pores.

Now, let me say that I am not reviewing this film as a book. This is a film review, not a book review, so cut me some slack there. 🙂

It was a bummer that there had to be a repacement Victoria, but im still not convinced that Bryce Dallas Howard was the correct choice.

The scene where Rosalie talks about her past seems akward for Nikki Reed. Either she cant find the correct accent in the scene, or maybe a bad take? No idea what happens there. Nor with Jasper. While revealing his past he adapts a here and there Texas accent. (I admit, I experienced some “Second Hand Embarassment” throughout the film.)

Poor Alice looses a bit of her cuteness in this film. I blame wardrobe.

Jane and Company venture to Forks… well, basically to kill Bree, which doesn’t seem like a journey worth taking in the first place.

The director of ‘Eclipse’ seemed to be in a hurry with most of the storyline, except the drawn out one between Bella, Edward, and Jacob of course.

I will say that this film was funnier than the two before it. It looks as though Twilight is poking light fun at itself in ‘Eclipse’ which is funny to see.

But hey, at least Edward and Jacob call truce to protect Bella!The Bella-Jacob kiss is a little hot, but Edward’s lack of care seemed lame.

My biggest peeve about the film?The fact that it pretty much ends the way ‘New Moon’ ended. We know they’re going to get married. The director couldn’t give us a little something at the end?No shocker.No cliff hanger. Just a Blah ending.

How am I supposed to get pumped for ‘Breaking Dawn’ now??*sigh*I guess i’ll figure that out on my own.

Thanks for nothin ‘Eclipse’. You get a C+