Explaining the Video: The Pretty Reckless “Miss Nothing”

Today’s Explaining the Video brought to you by the American Council for Overreacting to Religious Symbolism in Music Videos and the number 3!

The Last Supper re-enactment? BLASPHEMY!

Acting as if you’re comfortable in your sexual identity whether you have the approval of men or not and acting like there’s nothing wrong with this and possibly influencing other young women to feel the same way: BLASPHEMY!

The rest of your band looking bored: BLASPHEMY!

Skull on the table: unsanitary and also PROBABLY BLASPHEMY!

Male bandmate wearing black nail polish: sooooooo 2004. Also? BLASPHEMY!

Boring your bandmate dressed up as a priest: BLASPHEMY!


(Look, people use Leviticus to condemn homosexuals, they’d sure as HELL better be picketing Red Lobster every other day.)

Headphones at the dinner table: BLASPHEMY!

Knocking food onto the floor: wasteful BLASPHEMY!

Holy Grail symbolism: BLASPHEMY!



Don’t give me that look, Taylor Momsen! You’re the one on a fast track to HELL! And being as cheap as a comedian who tells fart jokes.

Breaking a bottle over your bandmate’s head: bad hospitality and BLASPHEMY!

Sitting in THAT chair: BLASPHEMY!

Pretending to be an entree: BLASPHEMY!

Plotting to kill and eat your lead singer: BLASPHEMY!

Glare all you want, TayMom. It’s not going to help.

Hiding under the table: fun, but BLASPHEMY!

Writing around on the floor: UNCOMFORTABLE BLASPHEMY!

I’m not sure what this is, but I’m pretty damn sure it’s BLASPHEMY!

This chandelier: BLAS…actually, no. Just tacky.

Performing lyrical dance on a table with roses to your own song: BLASPHEMY!

Recreating the cover of a Britney Spears album: BLASPHEMY!

Magically having other guests show up at your already blasphemous party: THE CROWN JEWEL OF BLASPHEMY!

The Beatles once said they were bigger than Jesus, that makes this image BLASPHEMY!

Are you ready to repent? Apologize?

Okay, now you’re just in an inverted crucifixion pose to mock me.

…you’re all going to hell.

Wanna watch the whole thing? Go here!