Die Antwoord’s Release First U.S Record, Still Not Sure If They’re For Real

In the past year South African rap group Die Antwoord has gone from obscurity to internet elite to beloved festival wrecking hip kid favorites and I still don’t know if they’re figments of my over-active, put too much Tapatio on my food too late last night imagination or not. Reality notwithstanding, Ninja, Yolandi Vi$$er, and DJ Hi-Tek have finally come out with their first American release, a digital EP through Cherrytree/Intersope records called 5. Physical copies of the EP will be released in limited quanities on Jul 27th, and only through select retailers, because Die Antwoord is just that zef.

You can stream the whole album over at Pitchfork.

In other news, Yolandi’s pet rat had ten babies.