Celine’s package

This afternoon I recieved the package from my American best friend Celine, I’m really really happy!!! She’s damn sweet with me, we are friends for 2 years and from almost an year we send eachother gifts and letters, I can’t wait the next summer, she said to me that probably comes in Europe and come to meet me!!!

I asked her to send me a couple of outfits from the limitated edition collection of Candie’s designed by Britney Spears *w* you can see the white top and the jeans shorts… then her pics about Tokio Hotel concerts she was and other pics about her and her family and friends, a book about Tucson, the city where she lives, a lot of candies, YUMMIE!!! XP a postcard from Hollywood and her letter

I love her so much!!! She’s really really pretty and I would she can lives here in Europe with me, or I live there with her!!! Sometimes I miss her so much, we are really really far!!!!

Do you have a friend lives far away from you?!?