Buzznet OG Badge Contest – The Winner Takes It All

If you haven’t noticed, Buzznet has a new OG Badger. We can all thank the wonderful Buzznet Ass Clown for this. Glory be to Ikky G and her magic little heart. You can see her photo here. Mostly the badges are really tiny because of the size requirements and stuff. I know, Rich, don’t be such a size queen. Anyway, congrats Ikky!

The runner ups are (in no particular order) as follows:

Sany83 – Click this to see her submission OMG CLICK ME CLICK ME!

Snape Lover – I like this one cuz it looks like a lolly tee hee YAY CANDY!

Crash13 – This one is cool cuz its all supa deep meaning and reminds me of a ninja star of awesome OMG LOOK!

If your name is above, wrangle me via private messages so we can hook you up with PRIZES AND FREE THINGS! Thanks to all that entered! r