Broken window dreams color her eyes in with black lines, let it all run down.

time for a “blog”… used to be called journal.. huh, strange.

i’m drinking water out of a bottle because it’s so gross when it comes from anywhere else. tonight.. toDAY, rather.. i have been reading. oh gooodness, i love books sooo much 😀

monday i went to the library to get some books.

i got:

and a german picture dictionary that i can’t find a picture of, haha =]

and i am also reading this..

the wonderful autumn sent it to me <3 along with a piece of germany. it’s been around my neck ever since she sent it! when i find my camera i’ll take a picture.

so erika, leah, and i bought our tickets to see LIGHTS live in concert.. august 1st =] maybe i already said this. hard to tell with me, haha. but our only problem is that leah’s car desperately needs new tires. none of us have the money for it.. haha. i’m getting birthday money next week [oh my gosh. sixteen years old.] but i’ll use that for gasoline. we’re staying with her uncle/cousin/something.. his name is kip. i would love to say that i’m staying with kip dynamite.

so i’m totally stoked! birthday next thursday, wedding shower in two weeks, concert on the 1st, wedding (erika and i are bridesmaids!) on the 14th. yard sale tomorrow, maybe.

last week erika and i went to a coffee house to sing with our mom. that was pretty fun.

i had a GREAT 4th of july, but i’m way too lazy to post all of the pictures and give details. my facebook friends have seen the pictures anyway.

how are everyoneses? haha. i love you all, <3

by the way.. i have a blogger account or something..

i’ve had it forever and just remembered it. now i’m going to start using it!